Weather Delays and Cancellations


 will appear on the website and be on TV, radio, and text.

We always try to make timely and safe decisions regarding school closures, delays or early dismissals due to weather.  Multiple people and agencies along with other nearby school corporations are all consulted. Please remember that school closing decisions are made primarily with regard to the safety of school buses and the children on or waiting for them.  Also keep in mind that the Corporation is approximately 167 square miles – more than 16 miles from north to south and 10 miles from east to west.  Conditions vary widely within the Corporation.  As a result, school may be delayed when conditions are fine where you live but unsafe in the majority of the Corporation.  Likewise, it may be foggy or slick where you are and safe overall in the rest of the Corporation.  Three major factors – visibility, temperature, and precipitation are considered when making those decisions. If your child does not ride the bus, or if they do and you don’t believe that conditions are safe, it is always your right to decide whether or not to send them. Student and parent drivers should make decisions regarding their own safety.

Parents who provide us with phone numbers will receive a direct phone call notifying them of closures, delays or early dismissals, due to weather. Parents who provide us with a cell phone number can also receive text messages about closures, delays or early dismissals. Local radio and television stations are also informed as early as possible. When weather conditions are questionable, tune to:

WWKI   - 100.5 FM

WZWZ - 92.5 FM

WFRN - 93.7 FM

WHZR - 103.7 FM

WNJY   - 102.9 FM

WIWC -91.7FM

WIOU - 1350 AM


WISH - Channel 8 Indianapolis

WTHR - Channel 13 Indianapolis

WLFI - Channel 18 Lafayette

WXIN - Channel 59 Indianapolis

WRTV – Channel 6 Indianapolis

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