Superintendent's Message

Trudie Hedrick Superintendent

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

The onset of the summer months for those of us at Southeastern School Corporation is a bittersweet time.  We face many good-byes, but each change and departure means a new beginning.  These beginnings signify that a milestone has been reached, and these are to be celebrated.  We think about and honor:

  • The third graders whose personal horizons move from their primary building to the intermediate building.
  • The sixth graders who begin to think more of their future as they enter the world of junior high and become a “King” for the first time
  • The eighth graders who begin to chart more of their own directions with their move to the high school
  • Our graduating seniors, who enter a new phase of their lives as young adults, often far apart from those of us who have supported them throughout their education
  • The members of our educational community who have served us with dedication and commitment, and now take on the challenge of retirement or new positions.

We are so proud of our wonderful young people, and the educators and staff who nurture them along the way. 

I was able to reflect upon the qualities and accomplishments of these various groups over the month of May as I watched the various awards programs, band and choir activities, athletic accomplishments, and finally our 50th graduating class cross the stage to receive their well-earned diplomas.  During their ceremony I reflected upon the many academic, creative, and athletic accomplishments of the Class of 2014.  I also remembered the many ways they were involved in community service, and how so many of them responded to the tragic tornado in Kokomo in November of 2013. 

The end of the year building activities allowed the Southeastern staff to celebrate those who are retiring and wish them well in their future.  The commitment of our SESC team to education and young people shines bright.  It takes all of us teachers, staff, parents, volunteers, and community members to create the vibrant learning community we have at Southeastern School Corporation.  Together we create an environment that enables our children to grow into thoughtful and accomplished citizens.  I am proud to be a part of this supportive community, and to assist in launching the next generation.

In closing, I would like to wish each and every one of you a happy and safe summer! 


Your partner in education,

Trudie Hedrick